Responsible Pet Owners are welcome to bring their four-legged family members to Echo Lake Resort! We understand how challenging it can be to board your pets and how enjoyable it can be to bring well trained pets camping. We also need to balance the enjoyment of all campers while keeping the campground clean and safe.


Registration of pets is required at the time of booking. We will ask you for your pet’s name, age, breed, whether neutered/spayed, microchipped and general health.


Echo Lake Resort is within a BC Provincial Park and as such, pet owners must have pets restrained and under control at all times as per BC Parks laws. Keeping pets safe in nature is one of our top priorities, owners must ensure pets and wildlife (coyotes, eagles, skunks, raccoons and bears) have minimal interaction.

Everyone bringing a pet will be responsible for:

  • Keeping their pet leashed (with collar & id tag), under control (no dragging leashes) and well-behaved;
  • Pets cannot be left alone inside Vehicles, RVs or Cabins;
  • Picking up pet poop, bagging it and using signed garbage receptacles; and
  • Managing pet food so that it is not left outside to attract wild animals.


  • $10/ night per pet.
  • Max 2 pets per camping site or Cabin.
  • Cabins require a $25 cleaning fee (non-refundable) per stay. Your account will be charged for the repair or replacement cost for any damage caused to the Cabin by your pet.

Fines: will be charged for owners that do not pick up their pet’s poop or who leave pets unattended.

Echo Lake Resort Management reserves the right to require immediate removal of any pet that displays dangerous or unacceptable behaviour, including, but not limited to: biting, excessive noise/barking or evidence of disease.

Why do you ask for information about my pet?
• Pet information helps us identify which pet belongs to which family, in case of accident, injury or complaint.
Where are pets allowed?
• Pets may be escorted on leash around the Resort area including camping sites, walkways, beach areas, docks and the water.

• Pets are allowed on leash around and inside their owner’s Cabin.

• No pets are allowed in the Store or Wash House.

What if I have a Service Dog?
• Licensed Guide Dogs & Service Dogs are permitted with appropriate documentation anywhere their owner requires them to be.

• Therapy & Emotional Support Animals (those which are not certified as Guide or Service Dogs) are permitted under regular Pet rules.

Can my pet go fishing with me?
• Owners are responsible for the safety of their pet and may take their pet fishing. Pet lifejackets are recommended!
Is there drinking water available for my pet?
• Yes, there are several water hydrants around the resort you can fill water bowls from. Do not let your pet drink directly from the hydrants, please.
What should I bring for my pet?
• Leash, collar, id tag and poop bags.

• Towels to dry pets off (Note: Cabins do not include towels and pet owners must ensure wet animals do not sit on furniture or sleep in beds)

• Enough food, treats and medications for your stay, plus a little extra.

What if my pet has a medical emergency?
• Please notify Management of any injury or medical emergency requiring immediate assistance.

• The closest emergency Veterinarian is in Vernon, approximately 1 hour drive.