Located in the North Okanagan in a BC Provincial Park, Echo Lake is spring-fed, and approximately 70 ha in size with a perimeter of 6.8 km. Echo Lake has a gentle, gravel and reedy lakeshore, average depth 16 m/ 50 ft to 50m/ 165 ft, with a maximum recorded depth of 67m/ 220 ft.

Echo Lake’s elevation is 840m/ 2,755 ft above sea level, approximately 20 km southeast of Lumby in the Creighton Valley, with Denison Mountain to the South and the Monashee Mountains and Cherryville to the East. GPS 50°12’12.0″N 118°41’52.0″W. Ice over occurs late November through April with heavy snow in winter.

Echo Lakes’ shoreline is natural, and the riparian zone is entirely protected by the Provincial Park. The surrounding hillsides are heavily treed with Cedar, Douglas Fir, Spruce, Hemlock and Larch. Bird species include Common Loon, Eagle, Osprey, Kingfisher, Barred Owl, Canada geese and multiple duck species.

Fishing & Depth Chart

Echo Lake is a eutrophic and biologically diverse water body with multiple natural fish spawning habitats. Our lake depth chart might give you some clues as to where the fish are hiding.

All fishing methods (jigging, trolling, spin casting, fly) work at Echo, whether you’re on shore or on the water. Introduced fish species include Gerrard, Pennask, Blackwater and Fraser Valley Rainbow Trout and Kokanee Salmon. Every year, the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC introduced 15,000 yearling triploid Blackwater stock which  has been done for many years.  Lake Trout are a natural species to Echo Lake. The largest Rainbow Trout recorded was 16 lbs and in 2022, 5-10 lbs Rainbow Trout were frequently caught.

Echo Lake Resort is vigilant about preventing the spread of invasive species, particularly aquatic invasives, please do your part!

Fishing Tackle & Expert Knowledge

Our fishing tackle has been custom crafted, with proven quality brands and exclusive to Echo Lake Resort hand tied flies and trolling gear. We also stock live bait worms, nets and tackle boxes.

Come and talk with us, advice is free and ever-changing as the season progresses. We love fishing!

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Need a Fishing License?

If you’re over 16 or helping someone else fish at Echo Lake, please have your current fishing license with you! They are issued online here. Provincial regulations for Region 8 Okanagan are found in the BC Freshwater Fishing Synopsis 2023-2025 pp 67-68.

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