Echo Lake Resort can accommodate a large group of families and friends who want to camp together if we have enough time to plan. Large groups require extra planning and commitment from their organizers to be successful. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate your request within the same season due to strong advance reservations.

Echo Lake Resort welcomes generational campers, from infants to elders, to fish, swim and camp and our goal is to preserve the camping experience for our guests. Therefore, we do not book parties. Special events, including weddings, reunions, celebration of life, bachelor/bachelorette, graduations, naturally take over a space and those not participating can feel excluded or imposed upon. Your special event deserves the support of facilities that Echo Lake Resort does not have so we ask that you consider our neighbouring resorts.

Also, the set occupancy, trailer maximum lengths and parking procedures remain in effect to ensure safety. The only flexibility is when a full Campground buy-out is completed. Campgrounds 1 and 2 are occasionally available for full rental, although not usually on long weekends due to advance bookings.

Remember, our priority is to take care of all of our guests so everyone can enjoy the Resort.

A ’Large Group’:

  • 5+ Accommodations (Cabins and/or Campsites) booked at the same time,
  • For a minimum of 3 nights
  • One Group Organizer who requests a booking using our online booking system
  • Alternatively, each camper can book and pay individually

Our online booking system:

  • Use the ‘Add to Booking’ button and your request for multiple Accommodations will generate your total invoice amount,
  • We’ll review your request & contact the Group Organizer for the names, guest numbers & other important info for each Accommodation requested.
  • Once approved, the Group Organizer will pay the invoice and the reservation is complete.
  • Once a reservation is made, changing, or cancelling it will incur extra charges, please see our Terms and Conditions for those details
  • If you make a request for a Large Group booking, please be ready to provide us additional information before your booking is confirmed.

Please note if you request a Large Group booking that would impact our ability to rent the remaining nearby Campsites or Cabins, you will be asked to ‘buy out’, or fully rent, that area so that your group will not impact the quality of stay for other campers.

The benefit to a full rental is you will have a higher degree of self-management and more space to set up games and outdoor kitchens, and flexible trailer parking. The cost per site is the same per night, there is no extra fee to a Large Group rental.
If you have questions or need more information, please contact us at