Echo Lake Resort operates within the BC Echo Lake Provincial Park, and we are committed to and bound by our Park Use Permit to be responsible and upstanding stewards of this precious natural resource. This means that in perpetuity, Echo Lake Resort will always be rustic and natural which is why our customers have been coming here for 80 years and why it will be protected for future generations!

Wherever we can, we follow the same guidelines as BC Parks, aligning our philosophies of ‘pack it in, pack it out’ and managing campfires.

Please note, BC Parks and Echo Lake Resort are governed by BC Wildfire Service so when campfire bans are put in place, we will ban fires.


We sell seasoned, cut, and bundled firewood from Douglas Fir trees on the property that have been brought down by wind or died from old age. Our kindling is Cedar shingle wood, easily snapped by hand into smaller tinder. Firewood can only be purchased from the Store during operating hours and is not available on a ‘help yourself’ basis from our firewood area.

If you don’t purchase firewood from our Resort, bring only cut firewood, preferably from a local source. Please see the Invasive Species Council of BC for more info. Cutting trees down within Echo Lake Provincial Park is prohibited and will incur fines.

Please follow the ‘pack it in, pack it out’ motto and if you bring wood, take it all home.

Campfire Bans & Fire Safety

  • Firewood is only available if there are no current campfire bans, which are established by the BC Wildfire Service (Echo Lake Resort is in the Kamloops Fire District).
  • Check the Store for current campfire conditions. We will post and update important information at the Store and on the website.
  • Echo Lake Resort is not protected by a Fire Department, if there is a fire, we must extinguish it ourselves and/or evacuate for BC Wildfire Service to extinguish.
  • BC Parks information: Campfire Bans & Safety