Boat Launch

Echo Lake Resort allows Public/ Visitor access to our private Boat Launch.

Open during Store Hours Daily 8:30 AM – Noon || 2 PM – 6 PM [Not available Noon – 2 PM]

Boat Launch fee is $15.00 per boat, payable at the Store before launching. We will take a name, number and vehicle type for safety and liability purposes.

Boat Launch fee includes:

  • Usage of the boat launch,
  • Parking (space permitting), and
  • Wash House facilities.

Important Info:

  • Boat motors are restricted to 10 HP or less, no exceptions. The lake is small, people are swimming and boat wake is damaging to the shoreline. The restriction is supported by BC Parks.
  • Echo Lake Resort does not have a ‘day use’ area for visitors & the Boat Launch area is strictly for launching watercraft onto the Lake. Once launched, please park your vehicle as requested by staff.
  • Do not block the area needed for vehicle turn around at the launch area.
  • Boat Launch users MUST be off water by sunset, this is for your safety, the Resort Gates close at 9 PM. There is no overnight parking.
  • There is NO public usage of the Resort’s docks for tying up boats or fishing off.
  • Dogs MUST be on leash at all times and cannot be left in vehicles.
  • Keep the launch area clean, pick up your dog’s poo, and dispose of your garbage in the receptacle provided.
  • Parking is limited, call ahead 250-547-6434 to find out if there is room to park.
  • Spring flooding may temporarily limit the usage of the Boat Launch, check the website.
  • On long weekends and busy summer weekends, the boat launch may be full before noon, we’ll put a message online and a sign at the Resort entrance to advise there is no more room to launch.

Anyone who does not follow our process for launching or becomes abusive with staff will be asked to leave and may not be allowed to launch in the future.

Public Access to Echo Lake Resort’s Boat Launch is strictly at our discretion. We reserve the right to close or limit the Launch, when necessary, due to weather events, fire hazard, maintenance, or unexpected circumstances. Closures will be posted at

Public access to Echo Lake is also provided at almost every Lake pull out along Creighton Valley Road. There are approximately 11 pull out areas, some are better than others for accessing the shore. Pull outs are not managed by Echo Lake Resort, are not suitable for launching heavier watercraft or motorized boats, have no facilities or garbage receptacles, and we advise caution on the steep areas.

If you have questions regarding the above, please email us