Echo Lake Resort is a relatively small campground, and we want to provide all of our guests with a great experience. We’ve had a lot of meaningful feedback from our customers and our Group Camping Policy will continue to evolve over time.

Camping together with friends and family is one of life’s best experiences, being in nature, enjoying meals prepared together and telling stories around the campfire under stars at night, it all just takes a little more planning when there’s more of us around the campfire.

Let us help you coordinate your best trip ever using our new online booking system!

A ‘Group’:

  • 3-4 Accommodations (Cabins and/or Campsites) booked at the same time
  • One Group Organizer who requests a booking using our online booking system
  • Alternatively, each camper can book and pay individually

Our online booking system:

  • Use the ‘Add to Booking’ button and your request for multiple Accommodations will generate your total invoice amount
  • We’ll review the booking & contact the Group Organizer for the names, guest numbers & other important info for each Accommodation requested
  • Once approved, the Group Organizer will pay the invoice and the reservation is complete
  • There is no extra charge for being a group when booking. please see our Terms and Conditions for those details

If you have questions or need more information, please contact us at