Summer Sunshine and Beautiful Cabin 7!

Summer Sunshine and Beautiful Cabin 7!

Summer Sunsets Commence!

Let The Summer Sunsets Commence!

One of our favorite things about the Okanagan are these darn early summers! The heat has been blasting, everyone is slathered in that SPF and sunglasses tans are well on there way!

All this sunshine and happiness has got us thinking…

When you think of summer, what do you think of?
Maybe you think of the beach and how you always forget how hot the sand can get, so once you step off your towel you have to do that weird “hot feet” dance/run to wherever your destination is (fun fact: we all do this;)) or the super refreshing feeling of finally applying that cold aloe vera to your very red and very burnt back?

Well, you know what we think about when we think of summer?
Sitting out on one of our boats on such clear emerald water that depending how the sun hits it can actually make your boat look like its hovering OVER the water instead of floating IN the water. Or when we see those sun-kissed faces with wild smiles from the children attempting to escape the heat by purchasing their favorite blue slushie from our small store. But what is most prominent in our minds when we think of summer is the evening buzz. The evening buzz, is the sound of multiple families either in cabin or campsites, sitting around their fires talking, laughing, smiling and just thoroughly enjoying their family and the outdoors. This is what summer is to us..

If you like the idea of our kind of summer, we now formally invite you and your family to come enjoy gorgeous Echo Lake this hot season! We have plenty of weekday openings for June, July and August for our campsites and our cabin openings will continue to be post weekly for your convenience.

Speaking of cabins, for this weeks blog we decided to do another “Cabin Feature” blog post!!!

For this weeks edition of “Cabin Feature”, we decided to show off quaint and cozy Cabin 7!

Cabin 7 Outside

Now this beautiful cabin is absolutely perfect for any couple looking for a weekday/end getaway! Although it is only 200ft2, this cabin is very spacious for 2 adults. Cabin 7 offers its own private deck, picnic table, BBQ, and fire pit (s’mores anyone?).

Cabin 7 Kitchen

The kitchen itself is one of a kind! All our cabins are supplied with cooking utensils, plates, cutlery, and glasses (including wine glasses ;)). It also is supplied with a bar fridge to keep your food contents cold. What also should be mentioned about this beautiful cabin is the gorgeous views of the lake, right at your dinner table!

Cabin 1 Dining Room

The kitchen is also supplied with a four-burner stove and RV-sized oven to complete all your cooking needs! The cabin itself also offers one double bed, with even more gorgeous views of the lake. And if you think that isn’t cozy enough, Cabin 7 is also one of the few cabins we have with a wood burning stove (Operation Cabin Coziness…Completed).

Cabin 7 Bed

Lastly, as with all our cabins, Cabin 7 offers a beautifully set private dock with stunning views of the mountain side. Not to mention, the dock itself sits right upon the famously known emerald waters. Our personal favorite is that the water here is so unbelievably clear that it is easy to see fish swimming past even at 20 feet away!!

Cabin 7 Private Dock

Again, it would seem unfair to post such beautiful pictures and information about this cabin without showing you its summer availability!! So we have posted below, for you convenience, Cabin 7’s summer availability. Keep in mind our reservation system works on a first-come, first serve basis so if any of these dates interest you then head to our Request Availability page, fill out a booking form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Cabin Availability for Cabin 7 June -Sept 2016


Cabin (Max Adults and Children):
Check-in Date – Checkout Date
Total Nights:

Cabin Seven (Sleeps 2 adults):

  • Sunday, June 19th – Thursday, June 23rd
    Total nights: 4**
  • Monday, June 27th – Wednesday, June 29th
    Total nights: 2
  • Sunday, July 10th – Friday, June 15th
    Total nights: 5**
  • Tuesday, July 19th – Friday, July 22nd
    Total nights: 3**
  • Sunday, August 21st – Friday, August 26th
    Total nights: 5**
  • Sunday, August 28th – Thursday, September 1st
    Total nights: 4**

** May be subject to specific bookings within this gap in effort to avoid scheduling conflicts

Just to reiterate, if you are interested in any of these dates for Cabin 7 then head to our Request Availability page, fill out a booking form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible! If this is piqued your curiosity on what other cabins we have available, then please check them out on the Echo Lake Resort Cabins page. This page also shows the floor plans for each and every cabin AND the prices!

Alright, that’s all for this week folks! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @echolakeresortbc or like us on Facebook to receive weekly updates on cabin availability, site availability, and recent cancellations for those who are interested in grabbing some wicked cabin/site summertime dates!