Spring is almost done…

Spring is almost done…

Hello Folks!

I’ve been getting all kinds of flak from our guests about the consistency (or lack thereof) of our blog posts here! So, today is the day I promise to be on top of this so everyone can keep up with the goings-on of Echo Lake.

First, a re-cap:

After May Long, we had a group of guys come out to the resort with their sons for their yearly fishing trip. These boys know how to do fishing trips right, I think it was their 9th year so they have had some practice. They had great food, good drinks, and good friends and spent all day out fishing on the lake. They treated Corey and I to our very first pig roast, followed by our first lamb roast the next day, it was AMAZING to say the least.

The Crew

The Crew -We thoroughly enjoyed having you boys stay with us and look forward to seeing you next year.

Corey and his new best friend/dinner pal

Corey and his new best friend/dinner pal











Scott W with his 7.75lb'er

Scott W with his 7.75lb’er


The following week we had some exceptional fishing up here, everyone was catching big ones. We even had a young 7 year old girl catch a 3lb rainbow! Our friend Bob caught a 6lb’er on a fly, and the next day Scott caught this 7.75lb’er. I think the whole lake heard him catch this fish!

Now this past week the fish have gone down to around 25-30ft, but the plus is that the top of the lake is heating up, we’ve already had some kids out there swimming!

The baby ducks are out, the tadpoles are swimming, and the sun is supposed to be shining the next two days. We hope to see everyone out here this week to take advantage of the good weather! Plus, we just got our first shipment of BEAVER BARK for the season! Come ask for a sample, its ‘dam good’!