This applies to all Guests at the Resort

Please note the following for the upcoming busy season: All Guests must Check In and Check Out, no exceptions!

  • Our check-in time is from 3pm until 6pm, if you are going to be later than 6pm please call and let us know.
  • Late check-in includes any arrivals after 9pm and must be pre-arranged ahead of time or a late check-in fee will apply.
  • For both Cabins and Campsites, you must check in at the Store Office, this is so we can check in your party, including any pets you have, go over important information & talk about any boat rentals you wish to make during your stay.
  • There is no self-service after the Store closes, we will do an evening ‘last call’ for firewood, however firewood, ice, propane and store goods are not available after hours.
  • Check out time is BEFORE 11am.  We are a staff of four, and need the time from 11 until 3 to turn over the cabins and prepare for the next guests. If you are checking out later than this you will be levied a $50.00 late check out fee. Please be checked out prior to 11am.
  • All Guests must check out, this is to ensure your bill is settled correctly and to your satisfaction.

We look forward to the upcoming busy season and providing you with an incredible stay and experience. We understand that some of these changes are different than last year, however we hope to provide great service equally to all our customers during this busy season and also maintain our work-life balance.

Sara & John