The Shiny New Echo Lake Blog

The Shiny New Echo Lake Blog

Greetings from Echo Lake!
The Kmyta family has been here 3 months now and we have a lot of updates for the Echo Lake Regulars. This is the place to check out what we have been up to at the Resort each week.

fall fog over echo lake

The view on our first day as owners of Echo Lake Resort

So far…
We spent all the time we could this fall clearing the place out before the snow hit. Said goodbye to a few buildings the squirrels had taken over, and a few old vehicles have left as well (no more BEEF trailer campers!).
Soon Winter was upon us, and we installed wood-burning stoves in three of our cabins (1, 2 and 4). We had our first guests over the holidays, and were treated to some awesome fireworks on New Years! We are closed for the rest of the winter, but these stoves allow us to open our doors as soon as the ice is off this year. So for those of you who want to take advantage of the great spring fishing check back for updates on the ice, it should be off mid-April to early May, and we will have a warm cabin for you to stay in.
Next we turned our attention to the washhouse (or lack there-of). That old brown trailer has been completely cut in half, and re-made into a men’s and women’s washroom facility. Each side has two showers, two toilets, and two sinks. And plenty of room to wait inside on those rainy days. We are still in the midst of it, but I will put up some photos when we’re farther along.

Today we have the guys from Trinity Valley Drilling up to start drilling our new well. Say goodbye to that sketchy “Boil Water Advisory”. Hooray!

Next up is the office.. We are still deciding what we would like to see there, but there will definitely be coffee available to warm you up on windy days out on the water. If you guys have any suggestions on that one let us know!

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