A End of Season Farewell!

A End of Season Farewell!

Hey everyone,

We are now into our final month of the 2016 season and what a season it has been! Thanks to all those return guests it was great to see you and your families smiling faces once again and to all those new comers a big thanks for choosing us as your vacation destination.

The leaves have changed and frost and snow are on their way as the sun begins to fall behind the mountains earlier and earlier. Our gates will be open for the next week and a while until the 21st of October for cabin/campsites/boat rentals. If you are interested in any dates beyond the 21st please inquire. As although the gates will be closed for a resort wide scheduled maintenance, the duration is uncertain. So if we can get you in we will!! For the most part our office hours will begin to dwindle as the outdoor projects pick up into the winter – so if you are looking to get ahold of us the phone line will unlikely do the trick therefor your best bet is visiting our website and filling out a request availability form or sending in a general inquiry by email to the address on the webpage.

On another note – Congratulations to Mr. Thomas Robidoux and his accomplice Red for Fish of the Year! and very likely Fish of our family’s time here at Echo Lake Resort! A whopping 31 inch, 13 lb Gerrard Rainbow caught on October 9th mid day – but sorry folks what was used was specifically noted classified information by the angler himself.

Thomas Robidoux 2

Ain’t she a beaut’….


Happiest Man on the Planet..

Thomas Robidoux

What do you suppose he’s thankful for…

Thanks again for another awesome season and we look forward to seeing you all again next year! Wishing you all tight lines – Echo Lake Resort Team