Cold Air. Warm Fires. Dark Nights. Bright Stars.. It’s Time to Go Camping

Cold Air. Warm Fires. Dark Nights. Bright Stars.. It’s Time to Go Camping

What’s this nonsense of 30 degrees on the weekend!?

Well now, that sure would be a darn shame to not put that good ol tent of yours (yes, we’re talking about the one you still have packed away in the upstairs attic) to some good use! We got a few more open spots for camping this weekend so if your up for an adventure, gather your friends, give us a call and let’s reserve you a beauty spot on Echo Lake! Just remember we do require a 2-night minimum, so you gotta fully commit to enjoying sunshine and nature this weekend!

Echo Lake Resort is also starting a new “Cabin Feature” blog post! This means that before the season end we will feature each and every one of our cabins on the blog. All the pictures were taken this year, so you get a real preview of exactly what you would see when you stay at our cabins! This gives all our future guests the best idea of what to expect and what they really need to bring.

For our first “Cabin Feature” blog entry, we thought it would be smart to start numerically from the top with Cabin 1!

Cabin One

Cozy Little Cabin on Echo Lake

Now this gorgeous little cabin is a little farther from the rest of the cabins, but that’s what makes it SO special! It is located in (one of the many) small bays on Echo Lake. This offers privacy for our guests without sacrificing any stunning views of the lake.

Cabin One

Cabin 1 has a square footage of approximately 200ft2. Although that sounds a bit on the small side, this cabin offers enough space for 2 adults and 2 children to maneuver in comfortably. We bet your thinking, “If there’s only one bed, where does everyone sleep?!”. Don’t worry we got you covered, as that chair on the right is actually a futon. Just pull it out, and shablam! Another double bed appears!  Wait..Did we mention the epic morning view? Why mention it, when we can SHOW you instead…


Cabin One

How about THAT morning view! Take a small moment here and just imagine yourself in this spot with a nice hot cup of Joe..

Cabin One

As you can see, Cabin 1 offers one double bed (two if you include the futon), hence max occupancy is two adults and two children. Keep in mind our cabins are considered “Housekeeping Cabins”. This means that guests are required to bring their own bedding (sheets, pillows, sleeping bags, etc.), dish towels, and swim towels. Other then that we supply all the cooking amenities and utensils!


Cabin One Deck

The deck of Cabin 1 is spacious and offers great views of the lake. We supply the table, chairs, BBQ and propane… all you have to do is bring the marinated steaks, some of your favorite drinks, and your “time to relax” pants. If you have never experienced it then take our word for it.. there really is nothing quite like a BBQ by the water..

For our final picture, we thought you might like to see what the view is from your PRIVATE dock..

Cabin 1 DockThis, friends, is what happiness and relaxation looks like..

At this time, we have one opening left for Cabin 1 for all summer! But we will post the availability for what’s left for this summer and also September!

If you’ve made the decision you want to grab one of these sweet cabin openings, then head to our Request Availability page, fill out a booking form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have never stayed with us before, please ensure you read our Policies page (you will also be requested to agree to our policies when filling out your booking form).

NOW keep in mind, our bookings work on a first come, first serve basis. To fully secure a cabin we do require a one night deposit. In which case, once you make your booking we will call you shortly after to secure your reservation.

Alrighty then, let’s do this!

Cabin Availability for Cabin 1 June -Sept 2016


Cabin (Max Adults and Children):
Check-in Date – Checkout Date
Total Nights:

Cabin One (Sleeps 2 adults and 2 children):

  • Monday, July 11th – Thursday, July 14th
    Total Nights: 3**
  • Friday, September 16th – Monday, Sept 19th
    Total Nights: 3**
  • Monday, September 19th – Friday, September 23rd
    Total nights: 4**
  • Friday, September 23rd – Monday, September 26th
    Total nights: 3**
  • Monday, September 26th – Friday, September 30th
    Total nights: 4**

** May be subject to specific bookings within this gap in effort to avoid scheduling conflicts

Just to reiterate, if you are interested in any of these cabin openings then head to our Request Availability page, fill out a booking form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible! If this is piqued your curiosity on what other cabins we have available, then please check them out on the Echo Lake Resort Cabins page. This page also shows the floor plans for each and every cabin AND the prices!

If you haven’t followed us on Instagram be sure to follow us @echolakeresortbc, or like our page on Facebook to get additional information to help you plan on making your 2016 summer vacation the most memorable one yet!

Anywho, we’re off for a quick sunshine filled paddle board (which we also do rent if your interested ;))! Hope you enjoyed this weeks blog, and stay tuned for next week.. who knows.. it might be another cabin feature blog! Woohoo!!