February at the Resort

February at the Resort

It’s been a COLD few weeks here, with temperatures below -25 Celsius and a ton of humidity we tried to rationalize doing as little outdoor work as possible. I have never been so happy for winter rain as I was yesterday when it showed up. So we have been back at it the last two days to make up for lost time. Today, what was supposed to be “taking apart” the counters in the store, has quickly become “demolishing” as all I can hear coming out of there right now is glass breaking and there is a sledge hammer involved… The store will have a more open-concept design this year so guests can get what they need and kids can grab their own slushies and candies from the shelves. This should make the whole process go a lot faster in the store next season.

new bobcat

Our newest addition “Bobby”

We added a new member to the family yesterday as well, his name is “Bobby” for now –until we come up with something a little more original. The guys are pretty excited and we didn’t have to shovel that wet snow – score! He’ll be put to good use in the spring doing landscaping/road work and creating
safer pathways down to the lake from the cabins. Hopefully we will have the time to put a few of those over-head wires under the ground and get separate outlets to some sites as well. That may have to wait until 2015 but the day will come!


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