2014 in Review…

2014 in Review…

Well our first year is really over! It was definitely a learning experience for myself, Corey, and Corey’s parents Ken and Ingrid as well!

10-13-14 018 - CopyWe met some wonderful people of course, and felt blessed to be a part of all the yearly family reunions, potlucks, fishing derbies and friends that gather at Echo every year. You regulars have a special place in the heart of Echo Lake and we look forward to having you back for many years to come.

To our “Echo Seasonals” in 2014, thank you all for helping us! Whether it was offering to pick up supplies in town, helping me with the boats when Corey was gone (even if it was only moral support to help my sanity), coaching me in cooking and baking, or just generally being yourselves! It was great to have you all here with us, drinking beer and eating delicious food. You really didn’t know what you were getting into and I’m thankful that you all took the plunge with us! We’re really looking forward to this summer with you and the new additions to the community as well.

Kelly's 9+lb Aug 2014We were so happy to watch all the seasons change up here and bring different wildlife with each one. From deer in the spring, the giant loons,  different duckling species, and the baby frogs, to the hummingbirds, eagles, ospreys and swallows that joined us this summer out on the lake, and of course the fish! It was a pretty good year for fishing, with the biggest catch (that was proven!) going to Kelly’s Gerard Rainbow that weighed in over 9lbs. He is the recipient of the ‘biggest catch of the year award’ and will be given a free night in a cabin for this season.

A few changes we have planned and hope to complete for the coming season include: new boat motors, new floors in all the cabins (pictures to come soon) and other interior touch-ups, starting to add homemade wood furniture in the cabins, some outhouse upgrades as time allows, a few appliance upgrades and hopefully some more flowers and landscaping. We also are looking into a new playground structure for the front yard.

And now for the winter season!