2014 Summer

2014 Summer

Corey and his new best friend/dinner pal

Site 10

Summer school?

Corey and Rudi, fishing Echo for 50+ years

The Brunelle clan horsing around

The main office 2014

Swimming Fun!

Meeting new friends

Corey hard at work...

Float plane taking off after a quick spring fish

Little thief!

Cabin 1 "morning coffee" view

Family games in the front yard

Lyle & Louise #echoseasonals

Beautiful cake from Mayor Louise Bradford

Settin' sail

Ken & Joanne #echoseasonals

Peeling logs for furniture in the cabins

Cabin 1 in June


Beaver Lake take-over

The Crew

The boys table...

RUSS! #echoseasonals

Our first Echo potluck!

Cabin 2's dock

Site 1 view

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